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Academy Sports + Outdoors

The following concepts were created as brand and mini-brand campaigns within our "Go to Market" digital channels at Academy Sports + Outdoors.

The two concepts included static and animated pieces which were posted to our social accounts and went live on our website and in display ads.

NIKE A.I.R + AIR MAX + Academy Sports + Outdoors

Kelly Anna is a London-based artist, painter, and designer known for her powerful, silhouetted figures. Female empowerment has been a narrative present throughout her career with a strong focus

on sports.


With the Nike A.I.R. collection, we wanted to showcase her extraordinarily unique Nike products and use the strong powerful female-form illustrations throughout all digital pieces to reinforce her powerful narrative


Nike AIR MAX Day was a similar mini culture campaign to A.I.R. in which I was tasked to design and help curate ASO's collection of AIR MAX assets into our email, social, and display ad channels to bring awareness to Academy's big selection and styles of AIR MAX shoes on National Air Max Day.

A longstanding culture around Nike's popular AIR MAX shoe style brought most retailers into this frenzy on that day, so it becomes a matter of who can make theirs look best and who really has the most. Details of the iconic shoes are repeated as border elements and the color is sampled from the bright highlights of the shoe.



Role: Designer + Art Director

Media: Digital

Client: for Nike A.I.R. + AIR MAX

Deliverables: Instagram social stories, social posts, email + landing experience

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