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Engie Resources came to Love Advertising for a creative way to get information about large businesses' energy decision-makers. But this time around they didn't just want to send a mailer that would most likely get discarded. They wanted to invest a little bit of time and creativity to make a real impact. We had ideas.


After a few brainstorming sessions, we came up with a couple of interactive games and this hands-on nostalgic gem to get the attention of these decision-makers. The idea they thought would work best for their potential customers was the 3d Image viewer. Simple. Instead of giving them just words on paper or sending them an ad on a screen, we came up with a way to bring it back old school. Could there be a better way to send them unique messaging on what once was the original VR? We thought so. And, if this idea wasn't to be taken seriously at first sight, at least it was creative enough for someone to pick it up, investigate it and take a look what was on the slides. And at that point, the messaging was very clear. This is what we do, offer and we bet we can save you loads of money. Just enter in your email and you could win with a much better chance than the lottery.



Role: Art Director + Designer


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