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The League of Worthwhile Ventures

Case Study

A pair of venture capital investment gurus came to Decode Digital in need of a brand. They were interested in positioning themselves in their niche market and big competition as a David amongst Goliaths. However, the one advantage that they saw was that the face of their competitors was uninspiring, dated, or corporate and boring. Their vision was to create a brand that uniquely stood apart and inspired a certain kind of mystery and adventure, something that gave the feeling of exploring new territory in a new type of market. A Low capital, highly-scalable, small company that could, in theory, compete with the big boys.


The market that they were exploiting was machine learning. They knew that this would be the future of business models. They intended to fund startups that could invent better machine automation to basically create a business that virtually runs itself. How to do that? Secure capital and investors and create something of a contest amongst the smartest domain developers from around the nation in a race to win millions in funding for an idea that would turn the head of even Jeff Bezos.


Role: Designer




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