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Tiny Man Beans Coffee

The beginnings of sumo were found to be visually written in prehistoric wall paintings indicating that it originated from an agricultural ritual dance performed in prayer for a good harvest.


So for Tiny Man Beans Coffee Roasters, the desire for a good harevest is found in the playful dance of the big hearted, but yet so small, Tiny. 

The TMB concept began from a inside joke between friends, one of which is mighty, but yet so small in stature of a man who is of Japanese descent. As an avid roaster and bean selector of the coffee bean/nut, the naming and vision came from a desire to bag and sell his beans at local famers markets.  Naturally, the brand look and iconography were created to reflect his passion and heritage to show an edgy, funny and bright brand into the world of coffee, one that sticks out mightly above the rest. Tiny Man Beans' goal is to make your morning ritualistic dance and prayer a lead to a good day ahead.

Branding | Logo | Packaging + Mobile Concept

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